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Beamable.Common.Api.Mail.MailMessage Class Reference
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Public Attributes

long id
 The instance id of the mail
long sent
 The timestamp that the message was originally sent
long claimedTimeMs
 The timestamp that the message was claimed for rewards. The number of milliseconds from 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z.
long receiverGamerTag
 The gamertag of the player who received the mail
long senderGamerTag
 The gamertag of the player who sent the mail
string category
 The category of the mail
string subject
 The subject line of the mail
string body
 The body of the mail
string state
 The state of the mail. Valid states include, "Unread", "Read", and "Deleted"
string expires
 An optional date-string that represents when the mail will be automatically removed.
MailRewards rewards
 The MailRewards associated with this mail


MailState MailState [get]

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