Beamable SDK
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAgnosticAttributeThis type defines the field attribute that marks a Beamable ContentObject field as compatible with Beamable Microservices
 CAPIThis is the legacy way to access Beamable. It will still work, and internally maps to the new way. However, please use the new way, but accessing BeamContext.Default ![img beamable-logo]
 CBeamableBehaviourThis component is a Unity component hook to access a BeamContext object. Every BeamableBehaviour has one BeamContext. The gameobject that holds this component may also be used by Beamable to store other required components for the BeamContext
 CIBeamableAPIThis interface represents a collection of Beamable APIs and data structures. This type defines the Client main entry point for the main Beamable features
 CIHasSourcePathThis type defines those types with a SourcePath
 CIObservedPlayerThe observed player has a limited subset of functionality from the larger BeamContext.
 CPreserveAttributefrom Unity docs