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Beamable.Common.Content.EventContent Class Reference

This type defines a Beamable ContentObject subclass for the EventsService. More...

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Public Member Functions

void OnBeforeSerialize ()
void OnAfterDeserialize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Common.Content.ContentObject
void SetIdAndVersion (string id, string version)
 Set the &id and &version More...
void SetManifestID (string manifestID)
 Set the Manifest Id More...
ContentObject SetContentName (string newContentName)
 Set the name of the ContentObject More...
void BroadcastUpdate ()
 Broadcast an updated changed of the ContentObject field values
virtual void Validate (IValidationContext ctx)
 Validate this ContentObject. More...
bool HasValidationErrors (IValidationContext ctx, out List< string > errors)
 Determines if the ContentObject has Validation Errors More...
bool HasValidationExceptions (IValidationContext ctx, out List< ContentException > exceptions)
 Determines if the ContentObject has Validation Exceptions More...
List< ContentValidationExceptionGetMemberValidationErrors (IValidationContext ctx)
 Gets list of the ContentObject has Member Validation Errors
string ToJson ()
 Converts the ContentObject to Json More...

Public Attributes

new string name
string startDate
int partitionSize
OptionalCohortSettings cohortSettings
PhaseList phases
List< EventPlayerRewardscoreRewards
List< EventPlayerRewardrankRewards
List< StoreRefstores
EventGroupRewards groupRewards
ClientPermissions permissions
OptionalEventSchedule schedule

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Common.Content.ContentObject
static string GetContentTypeName (Type contentType)
 Get the TypeName of the ContentObject More...
static string GetContentType< TContent > ()
 Get the type of the ContentObject More...
static TContent Make< TContent > (string name)
 Make an instance of the ContentObject More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.Common.Content.ContentObject
const string TooltipNotFoundDebugFallback1a = "(No Tooltip)"
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Common.Content.ContentObject
string ContentVersion [get]
string ContentName [get]
 The name of the ContentObject
string ContentType [get]
 The type of the ContentObject
string Id [get]
 The id of the ContentObject
string ManifestID [get]
 The Manifest Id
string Version [get]
 The version of the ContentObject
string[]?? Tags [getset]
 The tags of the ContentObject
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Common.Content.IContentObject
string Id [get]
 The id. A content id is a dot separated string. The right most part is the name of the content. Every part to the left of the name denotes the type of the content.
string Version [get]
 The version
string[] Tags [get]
 The tags
string ManifestID [get]
- Events inherited from Beamable.Common.Content.ContentObject
ContentDelegate OnChanged
 Invoked after ContentObject field values change

Detailed Description

This type defines a Beamable ContentObject subclass for the EventsService.

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