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Beamable.Server.IBeamableServices Interface Reference

This type defines the Microservice main entry point for Beamable Microservice features. More...


IMicroserviceAnnouncementsApi Announcements [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Announcements feature
IMicroserviceAuthApi Auth [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Identity feature
IMicroserviceCalendarsApi Calendars [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Calendars feature
IMicroserviceContentApi Content [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Content feature
IMicroserviceEventsApi Events [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Events feature
IMicroserviceGroupsApi Groups [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Groups feature
IMicroserviceInventoryApi Inventory [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Inventory feature
IMicroserviceLeaderboardsApi Leaderboards [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Leaderboards feature
IMicroserviceMailApi Mail [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Mail feature
IMicroserviceNotificationsApi Notifications [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Mail feature
IMicroserviceRealmConfigService RealmConfig [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Realm Configuration feature
IMicroserviceSocialApi Social [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Social feature
IMicroserviceStatsApi Stats [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Stats feature
IMicroserviceTournamentApi Tournament [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Tournaments feature
IMicroserviceCloudDataApi TrialData [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Cloud Saving feature
IMicroserviceCommerceApi Commerce [get]
 Microservice entry point for the Commerce feature

Detailed Description

This type defines the Microservice main entry point for Beamable Microservice features.

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This demonstrates example usage from WITHIN a custom Beamable Microservice.

private async void MyMicroserviceMethod()
// Example usage
var announcementsService = Services.Announcements;
var result = await announcementsService.GetCurrent();
// Others...
var AuthService = Services.Auth;
var CalendarsService = Services.Calendars;
var ContentService = Services.Content;
var EventsService = Services.Events;
var GroupsService = Services.Groups;
var InventoryService = Services.Inventory;
var LeaderboardsService = Services.Leaderboards;
var RealmConfigurationService = Services.RealmConfig;
var SocialService = Services.Social;
var StatsService = Services.Stats;
var TournamentService = Services.Tournament;
var TrialDataService = Services.TrialData;

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